The Journey of Self Discovery: I don’t know How to Find the Truth?

The journey is to discover myself had started when I took the responsibility to know about my real nature. I fear in my dream, fear is hunting me down and I fear the most of this thing that is failing in archiving my dreams. I don’t know what to say about it I am just simply saying it that I am a man with vision of a great society, a great India.  Fear is the only thing that makes me human I feel it when I become so emotional and I don’t know but I love it, it gives me power to understand myself.

This is a journey of self discovery, a life of understating the truth; a body that only wants what it feels, nothing more than that. But the soul inside it wants more than whatever body does not feel and see. I don’t know but this world is not the only thing that excites me, there is something more. The time shows us what we all want to see and how we want to do that and this is really coming to me when I don’t wanna anything.

When I was unaware of the reality of life, I knew myself with the eyes of others. It was like watching yourself in a mirror but something happened one day, really don’t what it is but I think it was the starting of my life, I have done a lot of things to feel happiness in life but in the end I found these are just temporary moments. The permanent happiness is still far away from me and I am still thinking don’t really know, how to stop it.

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